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Experienced Canadian Immigration Law Firm in Toronto

Immigration Simplified

Few legal areas in Canada are more complex than immigration law. The urgency of most immigration issues and the consequences that can arise from the smallest of errors can compound to create complex difficulties that are not easy to resolve.

Count on Pace Law Firm to simplify immigration law. What may be new and complex to you or your firm is familiar to our lawyers. We’ve handled thousands of cases, and our team has had decades of legal experience on both sides of immigration disputes. Prior to entering private practice in 1993, our immigration director served as both a visa officer and Canadian consul with the Departments of Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

Protecting Your Immigration Law Interests

We fully protect your interests through experienced, effective legal help and by providing you with straight answers. Often, immigration applications and legal challenges actually have simple solutions apparent only to those who have years of experience in Canadian immigration law.

Don’t risk errors, waste time or increase the chance of failure by handling complex immigration challenges on your own. Instead, contact an experienced immigration firm committed to providing you with solutions to your immigration problems.

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