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6 September, 2017

Andy Semotiuk On Global News

Pace lawyer Andy Semotiuk appeared on Global News to discuss the recent DACA decision in the United States. You can view the clip here. Also, be sure to read Andy’s Forbes article on the decision: U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions on Tuesday formally announced the end of the immigration program …

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29 August, 2017

Trump’s Pardon Of Joe Arpaio

Pace lawyer Andy Semotiuk appeared on The Joy Cardin Show to discuss Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio. You can listen to the show here, and read Andy’s blog on the subject below: President Trump’s Friday pardon of Joe Arpaio, who was Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona, and who was found guilty …

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7 August, 2017

Canada’s Growing Refugee Crisis

Jim Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: Earlier this year, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale visited Emerson, Manitoba, to look at the border situation there. Migrants – as well as some bona fide refugees – were coming over the US/Manitoba border to claim asylum. While in the US, these asylum-seekers had either …

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17 July, 2017

Canadian Immigration Bogged Down With Delays

Klaudios Mustakas – Pace Law Firm: I have had many phone calls in the past few months from people who are faced with the biggest problem in Canadian immigration: delays. It now takes months or years for applications of all kinds to make their way through the Canadian immigration apparatus. …

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30 June, 2017

Canadian Citizenship Changes Are A Win for All

Rachel Brown – Pace Immigration: Canadian citizenship changes have arrived. The recent announcement by the Government of Canada regarding the long-awaited Bill C-6 is the best immigration news in 2017. Citizenship Changes Becoming a Canadian Citizen is the ultimate achievement for a foreign national in Canada. Their path has been made …

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29 June, 2017

Immigration Scam Targets Employers

Jim Metcalfe – Pace Immigration – The CBC has exposed another immigration scam. This time, scam artists are offering money to employers and, in turn, the employers are supposed to offer a new immigrant a job. Doing this will allow someone to enter the country “legally”: Last month, a man named …

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20 June, 2017

New Rules For Canadian Citizenship

Luba Dinkova – Pace Immigration: On June 19, 2017, a new bill concerning Canadian citizenship rules and regulations received Royal Assent. Some of the changes to the Citizenship Act will come into effect immediately. Changes To Canadian Citizenship Rules Individuals applying for citizenship are no longer required to have the …

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8 May, 2017

Visa Requirement Being Lifted For Bulgaria, Romania, Brazil

Luba Dinkova – Pace Immigration: On May 1, 2017, eligible citizens from Bulgaria, Brazil and Romania have the green light to travel to Canada without obtaining a temporary resident visa (TRV). People from these countries who either have held visas for Canada or United States in the past 10 years, or presently have …

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4 May, 2017

Immigration Canada Raises Age Definition Of Dependent Children

Luba Dinkova – Pace Immigration: As of October 24, 2017, Canada will raise the definition of a dependent child’s age from under 19 to under 22. Principal immigration applicants will have the opportunity to include their children aged 21 and under on an application. From the government’s website: The increased age will …

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4 May, 2017

New Canadian Citizenship Rules Coming Soon

Luba Dinkova – Pace Immigration: Legislation that will change Canadian citizenship law is much closer to becoming a reality: The Senate approved the Liberal government’s major citizenship bill Wednesday, after a nearly year-long legislative process resulting in changes affecting citizenship revocation, children’s rights and language requirements. The Senate voted to pass Bill …

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2 May, 2017

Spousal Sponsorship Changes: Pros and Cons

Jim Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: Immigration Canada recently announced changes to the way spousal sponsorship works in Canada. They have scrapped a rule passed in 2012 by the Conservatives that said a sponsored spouse must live with their Canadian sponsor for a probationary period of two years before they receive permanent residency. The object …

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26 April, 2017

Can You Cross The Border With A Criminal Record?

Can you cross the border if you have a criminal record? In this interview, Canadian and US immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk tells you what you need to know if you have a criminal record and want to come to Canada or the United States. Watch the video or read the …

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20 April, 2017

Foreign Buyer Tax Coming To Ontario

A foreign buyer’s tax similar to that introduced in Vancouver last year will be coming to Ontario soon, as the government hopes to cool a red hot housing market. New rent control rules will also be put into effect. The Toronto Star reports: Premier Kathleen Wynne is taking wide-ranging action …

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20 April, 2017

Express Entry To Canada – New Low Score Of 415 Points

The latest Express Entry draw has been announced. Invitations to apply for permanent residence have been extended to people with a record low score of 415 points. Express Entry – How It Works From the government website: Under Express Entry, candidates who meet the criteria will be accepted into a …

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17 April, 2017

Maintaining Permanent Residence Status In Canada

Maintaining Permanent Residence Status In Canada Klaudios Mustakas – Pace Law Firm: On my recent trip to Saudi Arabia, I had many questions from clients about maintaining permanent residence (PR) status if they chose to work outside of Canada. As a permanent resident of Canada, you are allowed to spend some time …

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3 April, 2017

Permanent Residents: Know Your Numbers

Jim Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: Over the past few weeks, we have received several inquiries from individuals outside of Canada who have lived in Canada as permanent residents, filed for Canadian citizenship, and then left Canada while waiting for citizenship to come through. Many are now complaining to us that they …

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31 March, 2017

Express Entry Changes – Language and Silblings

Luba Dinkova – Pace Immigration: The Canadian government has announced some upcoming changes to the Express Entry system. This is really no surprise, as the system is fairly new. Upgrades and updates will likely take place more frequently as time goes on. The last change to the system occurred in …

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30 March, 2017

Immigration Phone Scams Back In The News

Immigration phone scams are back in the news, with crooks in Nova Scotia making phone calls and demanding money. Immigration Phone Scams Criminals posing as immigration officials is unfortunately nothing new. This story from out east serves as a warning to be on guard: Police say they received a report …

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30 March, 2017

H-1B Visa Holders Stuck In Limbo

In this video, Pace Immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk talks about the changes to the H-1B visa in the United States as it relates to doctors and IT professionals. Andy points out that one solution for people who are stuck in H-1B limbo: come to Canada. Watch the video or read …

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29 March, 2017

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Re-Opens May 29, 2017

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) will be re-opening on May 29, 2017. This program allows qualified investors to achieve permanent residency in Canada. Starting on May 29, 2017, The province of Quebec will accept 1,900 applications from prospective investor immigrants. Here are some notes on the program with information from the Quebec …

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22 March, 2017

Trump Immigration Orders: Does Trump Have the Law On His Side?

US and Canadian Immigration Lawyer Andy Semotiuk: Chaos. So far, that is the only word that comes to mind in describing the Trump immigration efforts. Thousands of lives have been affected by his errant steps, but they have been protected by U.S. courts that have struck down his executive orders. …

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9 March, 2017

Beware Of Fake Job Offers In Canada

Jim Metcalfe – Pace Immigration: A recent news article describes how migrants heading for Canada, but who are stuck at the Mexican/US border, are being solicited to apply for bogus Canadian jobs – for a fee: A Mexican migration researcher says there are now an estimated 30,000 Haitian migrants trapped at the …

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