Khrystyna Yankovska

“From here on, he will have no issue going down to the US and running the business.”

“We recently had the CEO of a company contact us. I’ll call him Jim. He got stopped at Pearson Airport trying to go to the United States. The officer noticed that Jim had been traveling a lot, going back and forth across the border to set up an arm of his business. Jim needed to get his immigration paperwork in order.”

“When he contacted us, time was of the essence: he needed to get down to the US quickly to do a business deal. We worked on his file for three solid days and delivered him the package for an intra-company transferee application. He could then present the package at the port of entry and get his L-1 visa. When Jim gave the package to the border official, no questions were asked; the paperwork had everything the officer needed.”

Jim got his L-1visa and flew into the US to close the deal. From here on, he will have no issue going down to the US and running the business.”


Work Permit Success!

“I obtained an open work permit approval today for a client who was having issues with his employer-based work visa. Essentially, there was a layoff. This usually puts a person’s immigration status in jeopardy because their work permit is tied to their employer. The client contacted us and we immediately got to work on a work permit based on his spouse. We received an approval in about two months. Our client is super happy that he can now work wherever he wants.”



Intra-Corporate Transfer

“I recently got an intra-corporate work permit approved at the Port of Entry for an executive of a large company headquartered in Europe. He’s coming here to expand the Canadian branch, and transfer his experience and expertise of the company’s products to Canadian employees. Very happy for our client, and pleased at the fast turnaround time.”


Treaty Investor Visa Approved

“One of our clients, a Canadian investor, launched a start-up in the US. We helped him get the E-2 investor category work visa to run his new business. In a nutshell, an E-2 visa requires someone to invest and commit substantial funds in the company, demonstrate its viability, and show that it is in operation. In this case, we showed the US consulate that not only had our client invested money, but he had also committed the money by spending it on the startup costs and developing the product. We also showed that he had recently been granted a patent for his innovative idea. Like many investor cases, this one required some of back and forth and lots of paperwork, but in the end our client received a 5 year work visa in the US. We’re extremely happy for them and wish their company great success.”


Permanent Residence

“I love receiving mail from IRCC with instructions for a landing interview. It’s the last step that people take before hearing that they are now a permanent resident of Canada. I’ve received two such letters from the IRCC this week. Very happy for my clients.”