Luba Dinkova

“We are delighted at the fast processing time and are very happy for this family.”

“A couple contacted us, hoping to come to Canada with their daughter. The wife worked in the education field while the husband worked in a bank. The wife was the principle applicant. Both of them were in their early 30’s, were proficient in English, and received high points for their level of education. They received an Invitation To Apply (ITA) through Express Entry earlier in the year, and we helped them prepare their Permanent Resident application in early March. Three months later, their visas are ready and they are looking forward to starting their new life in Canada. We are delighted at the fast processing time and are very happy for this family.”

Express Entry Approval

“A family had been unlawfully present in the United States for about 8 years. Their two children were born there. They contacted us a while ago in hopes of coming to Canada. The mom and dad were in their 30’s, with high English language scores. They were also university grads with years of professional working experience. We helped them with their Express Entry applications, and recently received word that their visas have been approved. Our clients are extremely happy and are looking forward to their new life in Canada.”

Spousal Sponsorship

“A couple from Southeast Asia who were separated for more than 2 years will finally get to be together. This was a long case that involved a lot of paperwork, multiple government interviews, and even a submission to prove paternity of children. The family is very happy and cannot wait to reunite in Canada. It has been a stressful 2 years. We are happy for our clients and we wish them all the best. Tenacity and patience pays off in the end.”

Spousal Sponsorship

“I’m happy to say that a client of ours recently had their spousal sponsorship case approved. Our client is a Canadian citizen and she wanted to sponsor her husband to be with her in Canada. We took care of that for her, and once the husband was in Canada, we filed the paperwork and had a work permit for him within a few months. They are now together in Canada and excited for the future.”

New Year, New Life in Canada

“We just had an Express Entry client land in Canada over the holidays. She is very, very happy. This was a great Christmas present for both the client and me. She is getting established now and has stated that she would refer our services to family and friends. We are really happy for her and wish her much success.”

Express Entry Success

“Marwa and I had a family from the Middle East looking for help with Express Entry leading to permanent residence. They were a husband and wife with Master’s degrees, were proficient in English, and the principal applicant had years of experience in their profession. Notably, each of them was between the ages of 30 and 35, which provided good points under the age category. We’re happy to report that after 5 months of processing, they were approved under the Federal Skilled Worker program without any complications. We’re very happy for our clients, and we wish them all the best with their new life in Canada.”

Here to Help

“Very interesting development for one of my clients. The father and mother are permanent residents and reside permanently in Canada, but the kids had yet to be sponsored. The application was refused from the visa office abroad, because the office was unsure if the father was meeting his residency requirements in Canada. Back in October 2017, we asked for the application to be reconsidered and just last week there was a request for new medicals. They have reopened the application and we hope to have a positive decision in the very near future. The parents are extremely happy.

The lesson: if you have an application refused, it is not the end of the story. Talk to us and we’ll see if we can help you.”