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Investor Immigration Options for Business People

US and Canadian immigration lawyer Andy Semotiuk provides a brief outline of the investor immigration options currently available for Canada and the USA here:


  1. The Quebec immigrant investor program is open to French speakers without limit. As for English speakers, the program will use a lottery system to fill 1750 spots in Septmeber 2014. The investment amount is $800,000 for five years, with a guaranteed return from the Quebec government. There is a $220,000 option where a financial intermediary funds the investment for the investor.
  2. Reports say that a new federal investor immigration program is on the way. Details are sketchy, but consist of a higher amount to be invested than Quebec, and the funds will be pooled to address major policy areas. We will provide updates as they become available.


  1. U.S. EB5 direct investment program: The investor must invest $1 million U.S. for a period of about five years in his or her own enterprise, and hire not less than10 workers to work directly for the enterprise from within the two years of approval. They must keep the workers working until the U.S. government removes the condition of a two-year conditional green card at the end of that term. In some cases, the investor can invest less – as little as $500,000 – when the investment is made in an area that suffers more than 150 percent unemployment when compared to the national average. The key to success is proof of maintaining the investment for the required term of two years, employment of 10 or more employees, and no changes to the business as described in the original application for approval.
  2. U.S. EB5 Regional Center investment program: The program requires an investment of $500,00 for a period of about five years. The investor will receive a conditional green card in about 1.5 years. The investment is made in a project approved by the U.S. government, through one of some 440 regional centers. The investment is at risk and must provide for not less than 10 jobs per investor – whether direct or also indirect. At the end of a two year period, the investor can apply to have their condition removed and be granted a permanent green card.

This is a summary of permanent resident investment programs in North America. If you are interested in business and investor immigration, contact our immigration lawyers today.