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Obtaining Canadian citizenship is a privilege and a source of pride. In order to establish your eligibility, be ready to demonstrate your knowledge of Canadian values, history, institutions and a thorough understanding of your rights and responsibilities.

The process for becoming a Canadian citizen can be surprisingly simple when facts and circumstances are on your side. When you fail to meet minimum requirements, however, the citizenship doorway can remain stubbornly closed. An experienced advisor can provide the help needed to reopen the door.

Canadian Citizenship Rules and Regulations

The Citizenship Act of Canada was amended in mid-June this year, 2015, and resulted in a significant change in the requirements to become a Canadian citizen. Prior to this a person who had been granted permanent residence in Canada could file an application for Canadian citizenship after accumulating 1,095 days of residence in Canada in the four-year period prior to making an application Canadian citizenship. In addition credits towards the 1,095 days could be granted for persons who had been in Canada on study permits or work permits. In the old law, residence in Canada did not necessarily mean physical presence and exceptions could be made for persons who traveled extensively outside of Canada for business on behalf of a Canadian company or who could prove that their life was centralized in Canada. Because of this liberal interpretation of residence in Canada and the problems that ensued through the abuse of the process of gaining Canadian citizenship the government acted to tighten the regulations and bring clarity to the granting off Canadian citizenship.

The new regulations make it more transparent and in some instances more difficult for persons who have been granted permanent residence to gain Canadian citizenship.

The biggest change is that now persons must accumulate 1,460 days of physical presence (the equivalent of four years as permanent residents) in the six years preceding their application for citizenship. This includes the requirement that applicants must accumulate at least six months of physical presence in four of the six calendar years preceding the application. The burden of proof is on the applicant to prove that they meet the requirements of the Act.

The other aspect of the law that is changed is a person who has applied for Canadian citizenship are expected to remain in Canada until granted Canadian citizenship. The only positive aspect of the law that now benefits applicants is that the government has undertaken to process applications to completion within one year of application.

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