Immigration Appeal Lawyers in Toronto

Has your attempt to overturn a removal order failed? Do you need legal help following a denial of your study permit, work permit or employment-based immigration request? Has your request for a study permit, work permit, permanent residence or other status been denied? Did you receive a negative decision on your claim for refugee protection?  Did the Immigration Refugee Board dismiss your appeal of your family members’ application? Let Pace Law Firm find the right route to your successful appeal.

While Canadian immigration law is complex, an appeal of a refusal can be even more complicated. The appeals process involves different courts and officials and requires the need for a comprehensive understanding of how a decision maker assesses the facts of each case.

Our Immigration Lawyers Will Handle Your Deportation Case

  • Firm lawyer Karen Kwan Anderson, has handled numerous appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division and judicial reviews before the Federal Court.
  • Firm lawyer Andy Semotiuk, a former Tribunal Panel Member with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, is the firm’s US immigration expert. Mr. Semotiuk has practiced law for over 30 years in both Canada and the United States.

The Canadian government provides applicants with the right to appeal most negative rulings. However, you should consult professional counsel as soon as possible as there are strict timelines involved in appealing a refusal.  Contact us for timely and effective legal help.