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Immigration Lawyers Who Will Help With Your Permanent Resident Card

In June 2002, Canada introduced the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card), also known as the Maple Leaf Card. A PR CARD is the primary document for proof of valid resident status in Canada, and if you ARE a permanent resident in Canada, you must have a PR card in order to re-enter Canada from overseas.

Legal Requirements for Permanent Resident Cards

Permanent Resident Cards are valid for five years, resulting in the need for thousands of Canadian permanent residents to renew their cards. Our Canadian immigration lawyers have helped hundreds of people successfully obtain and renew their Permanent Resident Cards and continue to maintain their Permanent Resident status.

Do You Qualify for Permanent Residence?

Permanent residents of Canada who travel frequently may face challenges regarding an alleged breach of residence obligations. Criminal allegations, inaccurate or incomplete applications and other procedural errors can also cause errors, delays and other problems. It is important to establish your eligibility and avoid any delay in applying for a new PR Card. Our knowledge of CIC requirements and our expertise with immigration applications and processes will help you avoid delays,  refusals and the possible  loss of your permanent resident status.

Do you have questions regarding residence obligations, or exemptions to residence obligations, including H&C submissions?  Do you have plans to travel and do not have a valid PR Card or your existing card is set to expire soon? For immediate legal help regarding permanent residence and PR Card issues, contact our office.

Travel Documents

Is your Permanent Resident Card about to expire? Are you outside Canada and do not have a valid Permanent Resident Card?  Do you wish to return to Canada and need help in obtaining a travel document, or have been refused a travel document?

In order to maintain permanent residence status, one must satisfy the legal requirement of having been in Canada for 730 days out of every 5 year period since landing. If you are overseas, you must apply for a Travel Document. A visa officer may refuse an application for a Travel Document; you can file an appeal in such a case.

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