Spousal Sponsorship and Canadian Immigration Lawyers in Toronto

Canadian Immigration Lawyers For Spousal Sponsorship Cases

Sponsoring a spouse or common-law partner for Canadian residence can be a lengthy and complicated process. With our immigration lawyers, you can rest assured your application will be processed correctly the first time, so that you and your spouse can enjoy your life together in Canada as soon as possible, free of immigration law-related stress.

Helping You Meet Spousal Sponsorship Legal Criteria

In order for a Canadian sponsorship application to be successful, you need to persuade an immigration officer that your relationship is genuine — that you did not enter into the relationship primarily for the purpose of immigration to Canada.

Since cases of this type can be complex and detailed, sponsorship applications must be prepared with care. At Pace Immigration, we take the time to prepare a detailed and persuasive application that includes all relevant information.

Helping You When Your Case Is Denied Outside of Canada

If your spousal immigration application is refused by a visa office outside Canada, you, as the sponsor, have a right of appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) of the Immigration and Refugee Board. If an application is refused in Canada, you can appeal to the Federal Court of Canada (though not to the IAD or IRB). We have handled hundreds of spousal sponsorship cases as a Canadian immigration law firm and have handled dozens of sponsorship related appeal cases.

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Our experience ranges from opposite-sex and common-law marriage cases to handling numerous same-sex cases since same-sex marriages were legalized in Canada in 2005. For more information about our firm or family immigration, spousal sponsorship and common law partner law, contact our lawyers. You can also watch our video about spousal sponsorship.