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We can assist you with the following kinds of cases in both Canada and the United States:

  • Spousal sponsorships including work and travel permits
  • Investor work visas and permanent resident applications under NAFTA or otherwise
  • Inter-corporate transferee work visas and permanent resident applications
  • Professional work visas under NAFTA for all professions
  • Skilled worker applications under Canada’s federal immigration program
  • Waivers for individuals who are inadmissible due to a previous criminal conviction
  • Cases involving extraordinary immigrant applicants who are outstanding in their field
  • H1B work visas

U.S.-Canadian immigration issues

Unlike many other firms, we have expertise in both U.S. and Canadian immigration matters. We are conversant with clients who currently have immigration issues in their country of residence and are looking to move to resolve their situation. For example, there are thousands of H1B visa immigrants in the United States whose green card applications are in limbo due to distant priority dates on the U.S. Visa Bulletin. Understanding the U.S. immigration process in such cases is essential to advising such clients about viable Canadian immigration options.

Spousal sponsorships

An American marries a Canadian. Suddenly, both parties may have immigration problems that prevent them from being together as soon as possible.

We can help. We are fully conversant with all the immigration rules dealing with both countries, and can better advise the couple on their options. Be sure to watch this video with Andy Semotiuk, as he explains spousal sponsorship.

U.S. waivers for criminal and other inadmissibilities

We are better able to advise you about how to obtain a U.S. waiver and how a criminal offense may influence you in trips back and forth over the U.S.- Canada border. See this video here for details.

U.S. EB-5 investor applications

As lawyers practicing in Canada, we are better able to market U.S. EB-5 regional centers. It is easier for us to locate and connect foreign investors, including those in Canada, with U.S. regional centers. This video explains the EB-5 in detail.


Our USA-Canadian immigration law expert, Andy Semotiuk, can assist you with all of the above issues. A member of the bars of California and New York in the USA, and Ontario and British Columbia in Canada, Andy has over 30 years’ experience working with clients on various cross-border legal matters.