Provincial Nominee Programs

*** All descriptions are current at the time of publication: December 7, 2017, and may be subject to change on short notice***

The Provincial Nominee Program allows workers who can make immediate economic contributions to a province or territory, enter and work in Canada comparatively easily and quickly. Virtually all Provincial Nominee Programs require an employer to sponsor the foreign worker, so the start of the process is in Canada.

Briefly, Canada is a nation comprised of ten provinces and three territories which have signed agreements with the federal Canadian government to administer immigration programs such as a PNP, which address a province’s particular economic objectives.

Generally, after an applicant is approved and nominated by a provincial or territorial government, a Nomination Certificate is sent with the applicant’s completed immigration forms and supporting documents to the visa office nearest to the applicant’s country of last permanent residence or citizenship. The applicant’s visa file is accorded priority processing. Thus, the time required to process a PNP application is expedited compared to other immigration categories.

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